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Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Rearchitects Member Experience With Boomi
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  • CA ANZ establishes layered API environment to create digital pathways for simplified, tailored engagement with members

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Rearchitects Member Experience With Boomi (Graphic: Business Wire) Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Rearchitects Member Experience With Boomi (Graphic: Business Wire)

Boomi™ (https://cts.businesswire.com/ct/CT?id=smartlink&url=https%3A%2F%2Fboomi.com%2F&esheet=53814850&lan=en-US&anchor=Boomi%26%238482%3B&index=1&md5=ca0d88c60bf23dc79b2dc7ed3f430e9c), the intelligent connectivity and automation leader, today announced Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) is using the Boomi platform (https://cts.businesswire.com/ct/CT?id=smartlink&url=https%3A%2F%2Fboomi.com%2Fplatform%2F&esheet=53814850&newsitemid=20231115504210&lan=en-US&anchor=Boomi+platform&index=2&md5=72bf73b20326eabfebc5d217b9d6061b) to revitalize member digital experiences, streamlining skills assessment and building personalisation into a new member portal.

CA ANZ operates to maintain high ethical standards within the accounting profession. The organisation offers rigorous education, accreditation, and mentored practical experience pathways for more than 136,000 professional members. Recognising its members’ desire for quality digital experiences, CA ANZ sought to create an IT environment capable of supporting its transition to a data-driven member experience hub.

“Members want to see value and relevance from their membership, which means tailored services and support should be available in a matter of clicks,” said Kylie Fisher, CIO at CA ANZ. “But our previous point-to-point integration architecture struggled to support this. Boomi has allowed us to rebuild and establish a layered architecture where APIs are re-usable to support faster development and more personalised engagement.”

The company replaced point-to-point integrations with the Boomi platform, including Boomi APIs and API Management capabilities. CA ANZ connected 15 business-critical systems, such as its Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM), Sitecore content management system (CMS), NetSuite financial management, and Snowflake data lake, alongside several other event and learning systems. Now, Fisher’s team can do faster code drops and fixes at previously untenable speed.

“People come to CA ANZ’s sites with intent. Meeting that need in the right channel at the right time is crucial to delivering improved member experiences. Students also remain a big draw card, and we need to be attractive to them,” added Fisher. “There is a macro trend around declining university numbers, which affects the accounting talent pipeline. Improving our digital experience improves the first engagement, and this ought to give CA ANZ a foundation for changing market conditions.”

Layering member experience

With a connected environment and use of Flow (https://cts.businesswire.com/ct/CT?id=smartlink&url=https%3A%2F%2Fboomi.com%2Fplatform%2Fflow%2F&esheet=53814850&newsitemid=20231115504210&lan=en-US&anchor=Flow&index=3&md5=5a9b5892f7f26f0102403fb52cac33e5), Boomi’s workflow automation solution, CA ANZ rearchitected its member portal to optimise service pathways. The new portal improves the membership renewal process, enhances search experience, expands control over the preference centre, and delivers more tailored content.

“CA ANZ’s member portal is now mobile-friendly, which makes renewal ‘on-the-go’ a huge win for our members, as well as the team,” said Fisher. “June is our busiest time for renewals, and with member data accurately pre-filled, we’re getting far less support calls. On June 30 this year, we had half the amount of calls come through compared to the same day in 2022. That reflects how much easier it is for members to engage.”

Fast processing

“We’ve also simplified our skills migration assessment, with Boomi helping turn the process digital in time to support migration rule changes in Australia. Once live, there was a 135 per cent uptick in applications received, and a 93 per cent increase in applications processed last financial year.”

Accountants who want to migrate to Australia or New Zealand are required to do a skills assessment, which is offered through CA ANZ, alongside standard Federal immigration requirements. Previously, the application process was tedious and paper-based, one which required extensive internal processing; the increase in applications could not have been supported without the improved digital processing solution.

According to Fisher, Australian advisory and IT solutions provider Atturra offered a steady hand with specialist Boomi skills and capacity to deliver the digitally overhauled skills migration assessment.

“We’re proud to be a boost in CA ANZ’s ongoing digital transformation and member experience evolution,” said Jason Frost, Executive General Manager, Data and Integration at Atturra. “The company’s digital skills assessment and new member portal are prime examples of how automation consolidates and optimises experience for just about every stakeholder. And its speed to market and volume of API re-use are telling signs CA ANZ’s customer experience drive is far from over.”

Better services, more value

CA ANZ is currently laying the foundations for its incoming eStore. Master Data Hub (https://cts.businesswire.com/ct/CT?id=smartlink&url=https%3A%2F%2Fboomi.com%2Fplatform%2Fmaster-data-hub%2F&esheet=53814850&newsitemid=20231115504210&lan=en-US&anchor=Master+Data+Hub&index=4&md5=c3516cdd12a0dfb73100a6ae30383472), Boomi’s golden record solution, will serve up quality product management data, forming a consolidated product management layer. This will enable CA ANZ to offer personalised product and service content.

Nathan Gower, Director of Australia and New Zealand at Boomi, said “delivering new services to market and unlocking revenue streams happens fast when data knows where to go. By bringing together its technology assets with structure and rigor, CA ANZ has created an environment that’s ready and willing to serve up tailored experiences to the digital member. They want CA ANZ to know them, and the IT team is layering data and APIs to deliver just that.”

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