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Evidation Selected by Our Future Health as Participant Platform for UK’s Largest Health Research Program
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Evidation (https://evidation.com/) — the company creating new ways to measure and improve health in everyday life — today announced a landmark partnership with Our Future Health (https://ourfuturehealth.org.uk/), a national health research initiative and collaboration between the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), public health agencies, non-profits, and leading life sciences companies. Our Future Health will deploy Evidation’s enterprise digital health engagement and measurement platform to conduct a multi-year, longitudinal research program for up to five million participants across the UK.

“Evidation and Our Future Health believe that deeply understanding individuals' everyday health experiences can accelerate discoveries that will transform health,” said Christine Lemke, Co-founder and CEO of Evidation. “Together, with the participation of millions of volunteers across the UK, we will enable research that can advance more inclusive and effective ways to prevent, detect, and treat disease.”

“Our Future Health aims to be a world-leading resource for health research,” said Dr Raghib Ali OBE, Chief Executive of Our Future Health. “Evidation has extensive expertise measuring and characterizing health in everyday life and engaging people at scale. This, combined with their experience in deploying large research and engagement programs and their shared commitment to the highest standards of data protection and user privacy, makes them the ideal partner for Our Future Health.”

Our Future Health is bringing together up to five million people to develop new ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases. To achieve this, Our Future Health will recruit a diverse and inclusive cohort of people across the UK who have consented to participate. The program population accounts for almost 10% of the UK’s adult population of over 53 million people. Evidation’s technology will power the digital experience, including a participant-facing app and technology infrastructure, that makes this massive research initiative possible. This new digital experience will be developed in the coming months.

Evidation’s platform is the technology layer that powers health research and engagement programs for some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations. Evidation makes it possible to harness real-world data — including wearables and survey data — to deeply understand health experiences rapidly and longitudinally, in large populations. Refined over a decade, Evidation’s measurement and engagement platform helps capture health data from outside the clinic and rewards participants for taking healthy actions.

About Evidation

Evidation creates new ways to measure and improve health in everyday life — making proactive, personalized, and truly human-centered healthcare possible. By connecting directly with millions of individuals, Evidation harnesses real-world data to deeply understand health experiences, rapidly and at scale. Evidation’s privacy-centric digital health measurement and engagement platform uses data science and machine learning to translate these everyday insights into high-impact health guidance, treatments, and tools. Founded in 2012, Evidation is headquartered in California with employees working around the globe. Learn more at www.evidation.com.

About Our Future Health

Our Future Health is a collaboration between the public, private and charity sectors. It aims to be the UK’s largest health research program, bringing people together to develop new ways to prevent, detect and treat disease.

Our Future Health is committed to the highest standards, policies and processes that protect participants’ confidentiality, whilst maximizing the opportunity to help researchers to tackle serious diseases. Participants’ data is de-identified and held securely in trusted research environments that meet strict security criteria. There is a robust and transparent access process to ensure appropriate research access to Our Future Health data and samples for registered researchers. All researchers are held to the same standards.

Our Future Health is a member of the UK Health Data Research Alliance, the independent alliance of leading healthcare and research organizations establishing best practice for the ethical use of UK health data for research at scale.

Our Future Health is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (number 12212468) and a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (charity number 1189681) and OSCR, Scottish Charity Regulator (charity number SC050917).

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