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JT Group Recognized on CDP’s Climate Change A List and Water Security A List
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Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) (TSE: 2914) has been recognized for its leadership in corporate sustainability by the global environmental non-profit organization CDP[1], for a fifth year in a row. The JT Group is one of 61 companies worldwide and 22 in Japan to be included on the Climate Change A List and Water Security A List, out of more than 23,000 companies participating in the 2023 CDP environmental disclosure program. Overall, this inclusion marks the Group’s sixth recognition for climate change, and fourth recognition for water security.

As nature, society, and people’s lives are intertwined, sustaining our ways of living, and the activities of corporate entities, will depend on the sustainability of the environment and societies in which we live in. The JT Group’s management principle is the 4S model[2]. In pursuing this principle and by realizing the JT Group Purpose[3], the Company ensures to contribute to the sustainability of the environment and society, through its commitment to working on the material issues identified.

Hisato Imokawa, Senior Vice President, Chief Sustainability Officer, said: “We are honored that the JT Group has been recognized on CDP’s A List for a fifth consecutive year. This inclusion reflects our continued efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and expand our transparency in disclosing information. ‘Living with the Planet’ is a key aspect of the JT Group Materiality[4], and we aim to achieve the sustainable relationship between nature, people, and businesses through efforts to improve the impact of our activities on the environment. We are currently defining more ambitious targets for our environmental initiatives, and plan to disclose them in early 2024. These targets will support our goals of contributing to the sustainable development of society by further fulfilling our responsibilities and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders.”

Regarding our latest initiatives on climate change and water, please refer to the following page on our global website: https://www.jt.com/sustainability/environment/operations/index.html

[1] CDP (HQ: London) is the leading international non-profit organization that accelerates action to achieve sustainable economies, assessing disclosure and actions by companies from around the world. Representing over 745 investors with assets of USD 136 trillion, CDP sends out questionnaires to companies listed on stock exchanges worldwide, asking them about their activities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and safeguarding water resources, then evaluates the answers and publishes the scores.

[2] JT Group’s management principle is to pursue the 4S model. Under the 4S model, the Group strives to fulfill its responsibilities to its valued consumers, shareholders, employees and the wider society, carefully considering the respective interests of these four key stakeholder groups and exceeding their expectations wherever the Group can. For more details, please visit.


[3] The JT Group Purpose “Fulfilling Moments, Enriching Life” is designed to clarify the direction to being a sustainable entity. The area of “human enrichment” undergoes changes in various ways with the times and the people, and the JT Group strives to evolve constantly so that the Group can continue to be entrusted within this area by society and make valuable contributions in the future.

[4] Please refer to https://www.jt.com/sustainability/strategy/materiality_strategy_sdgs/index.html for more details about the JT Group’s material issues.


Japan Tobacco Inc. is a leading international tobacco and vaping company and its products are sold in over 130 markets. With approximately 53,000 employees, it manufactures and sells some of the world’s best-known brands including Winston, Camel, MEVIUS and LD. The JT Group is committed to investing in Reduced-Risk Products (RRP) and currently markets its heated tobacco products under its Ploom brand and various e-cigarette products under its Logic brand. The Group is also present in the pharmaceutical and processed food businesses. For more information, visit https://www.jt.com/.

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